The Last Conversation I had with my Mom

A year ago today, it was a Tuesday, was the last time I had a conversation with my mom.

I was pacing the halls of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. I was there for the #cssdevconf and had wrapped up my sessions for the day. I had texted to her to catch up like we did pretty often and had something to share with her. I was feeling elated that I was being paid to attend this conference and stay at this cool hotel and isn't my life great, blah blah blah, and I couldn't wait to share that with her.

text conversation with mom Mom was a big part of the reason I was there - she pushed me, she prodded me, she cajoled me to go back to school a few years earlier. It was a particularly tough time for me personally and it worked. It kept me focused and driven.

After finishing with degree in hand, I landed this great job at Time Warner Cable and was having success after success, personally and professionally.

We talked for about an hour. Well, I talked, she did what she usually did, she just listened. Mostly about me, my kids - the usual. She shared with me that she was frustrated because she needed to have another follow-up surgery and was angry that she wouldn't be golfing for a while, likely until after Thanksgiving - and did we want to come to Texas for Turkey Day.

We wrapped up our conversation and I wished her well and told her I'd call her after her surgery to see how she was.

That was the last time I heard her voice. --- On Thursday my dad called in tears, frustrated, cursing God. It hadn't gone well and there was a good chance that mom would need long-term care after she went home. He knew how independent she was and that she was gonna hate having someone else hovering and helping with normal tasks that we all take for granted.

I made plans to leave after work the next day and drive down to be with them and help for a few days. He called the next day in better spirits and it looked like it was all gonna be ok. I was relieved and told him I might come down in a week - give her time to get home and settled, I reasoned.

The next morning, Saturday, I was out picking up coffee and donuts when my bother Jimmy called to tell me that it had turned for the worse and he was really worried. I went home and took a shower while Patti packed a bag for me and I was on the road less than 25 minutes after that call.

My brother Scott had flown down and it timed just right that I picked him up at the airport when I hit town. By the time we had gotten to the hospital my dad hadn't slept in three days and hadn't left the hospital.

I sent him home with Scott to get some rest and I'd stay by moms side for the night. --- Mom hung on until just into Monday morning. --- I miss her every day. We still talk every day. Well, I talk, and I know she's listening.