Front-End Developer/Designer

Principal at Qoppa, LLC. Formerly engineered Software for Placewise Media and managed front-end development at Time Warner Cable.

Max Quattromani is a Designer and Front-End Developer. In a previous life, Max was an auto mechanic who woke up one day and realized that working from the neck down sucked. The tools were sold and a computer was purchased. The first project was a tire-sales website for a tire distribution company. It was a truly horrible website (but hey, the clock still works!). But committed to honing the craft; he pressed on. A few freelance jobs later and he had landed a full-time gig as a Jr. Web Developer with a manufacturing company.

As the skillset and passion grew, the right opportunity came along in the form of a contract with Time Warner Cable - this was parlayed into a managers role and building a team of developers.

Recently, Max oversaw development for a digital media agency and takes on a few side projects along the way. Have a look around the site and if you have feedback, don't be shy.